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three sides of cube


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If it is a cube, then its volume V=a3, where a is the side of a cube.
Thus, a=³√V; 
In your case; a=³√500≈8 cm
For the second case,
a=³√800≈9 cm
George T. | George T.--"It's All About Math!"George T.--"It's All About Math!"
I'm not sure what the question is.  I assume it is to determine the length of each side of the cube with the volume shown.
So for a given Volume of 500 cm3, each side would have a length of the cube root of 500 cm3 or 5001/3 cm3.
This can be simplified, through factoring:  5001/3 = (2*2*5*5*5)1/3 = (5*41/3) cm is the length of each side (read as 5 times the cube root of 4)
Similarly, for 800 cm3, each side would have a length of
8001/3 = (2*2*2*2*2*5*5)1/3 = 2*1001/3 cm (read as 2 times the cube root of 100).
Hope this helps!
George T.
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In this question you have been given the volume and seek the side lengths. It is as simple as a cube root! The answers here may be written concisely as 500cm3^(1/3) and 800cm3^(1/3). That is about 7.9cm and 9.3cm as the actual side lengths.