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Do cell membranes have more phospholipids in one layer than in the other?

Assuming the cell membrane to have a spherical shape, geometry tells us that the area of the inner leaflet is smaller than the area of the outer due to the difference in radius between them. Does... more


Why does a "cascade" of events happen during signal transduction?

I've been watching some videos on signal transduction and it says that because there are enzymes being activated by the signal, then there is a "cascade" which happens afterwards...I don't... more


How do ion channels transport only specific ions?

Ion channels, such as $Na^+$ channels and $K^+$ channels, are higly specific for ion permeability. But how do these channels achieve and maintain this specificity? Like how does a $K^+$ channel... more


Are Gram negative bacteria classified as such because of their negative membrane potential?

Does the membrane potential usually quoted for Gram negative bacteria (e.g. E. coli) refer to the potential across both membranes? - If yes, then does the potential fall more over the inner or... more


How does cholesterol affect the fluidity of a plasma membrane?

I was previously taught that cholesterol affects the fluidity of a plasma membrane. At high temperatures, cholesterol decreases fluidity and at low temperatures cholesterol increases fluidity. The... more


Membrane Permeability to Pyruvate?

Pyruvate seems to pass easily through the outer membrane of the mitochondrion but has difficulty entering the inner membrane (and gets in by H+ symport). I have two questions: (1) what property of... more
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Why do ribosomes associate with rough endoplasmic reticulum but not other membranes?

As far as I am aware, all eukaryotic membranes consist of a lipid bilayer. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and rough ER are distinguished by the presence of ribosome on the rough ER surface, but... more


Blebbistatin effect on vesicles?

Blebbistatin is a drug that specifically inhibits the assembly of myosin in the cytoskeleton. What effect would you expect blebbistatin to have on intracellular vesicles?  The formation of vesicles... more


What is the purpose of the outer mitochondrial membrane?

The purpose of mitochondria is to generate ATP, utilising a chemiosmotic gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane. Protons are pumped out of the mitochondria into the intermembrane space,... more
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Is the plasma membrane semi permeable or selective permeable?

Can it be both? I've tried searching it up but keep seeing different answers? Also is the plasma separate from the phospholipid bilayer? I would really appreciate it if someone can answer this... more
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Why is the mobility of lipids in liposomes greater than that of lipids in biological membranes?

Why is the mobility of lipids in liposomes greater than that of lipids in biological membranes?

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