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asked • 07/10/14

help with Carbon - 14 and metals and light reflection

1.  which is not a property of metals
a.  conduct heat
b.  conduct electricity
c.  are malleable
d. are brittle
I know that metals are malleable and they conduct electricity, so I think the best answer is d (brittle)
2.  Carbon-14
a.  can be used to determine the age of rocks
b.  has differenct chemical properties from carbon-12
c.  is the most abundant form of carbon
d.  none of these
I know it can't be c because carbon-12 is the most abundant form of carbon and I am pretty sure carbon-12 is used to determine the age of rocks.  So now I am stuck between answer b or c
3.  when light falls on a surface which is irregular compared to its wavelength
a.  the reflection is diffuse
b.  glare is produced
c.  the wavelength is refracted
d.  all of these
I do know at least answer a is an answer choice

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Bob A. answered • 07/12/14

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