Princess C.

asked • 11/14/17

chemistry prelab question

Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is the oxidizing agent and sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) is the reducing agent.
a. Manganese (Mn) is reduced.
b. Carbon (C) is oxidized.
2KMnO4(aq) + 5Na2C2O4(aq) + 8H2SO4(aq)  2MnSO4(aq) + 10CO2(g) + 8H2O(l) + 5Na2SO4(aq) + K2SO4(aq)
1) Predict the oxidation state on the manganese and carbon before and after the reaction.
2) Provide the electron balanced half reactions for oxidation and reduction. Also provide the complete balanced redox reaction.
(I am unsure how to do #1, and #2 above)

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LaRita W. answered • 11/14/17

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