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How do I use "as of now" correctly?

Just to clarify, I am not a native English speaker. I occasionally hear from other non-native English speakers the use of the phrase: "*As of now*" with the meaning of *Currently*. Initially I... more
British English Esl/esol Speech


How does a salesclerk in England welcome a customer and ask what they want?

When you go to a bakery in England in the afternoon, and you are not a familiar customer, how does the salesperson greet you, and how do they ask what you would like? “Good afternoon, sir. How may... more


Is it proper to omit periods after honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr)?

I've been reading the Economist lately and they apparently don't punctuate honorifics like "Mr.", "Mrs.", e.g.> The popular rejection of Mr Mubarak offers the Middle East’s best chance for... more
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Reduce to or "reduce by"?

Can I use the verb *reduce* in the following way? Also can anyone help me verify the whole sentence? >The transmission overhead is reduced to more than 95%.
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Why do British people pronounce “Ibiza” as “Ibitha”?

My brief overseas experience in Great Britain has taught me that British people tend to pronounce *Ibiza* as *Ibitha*. My questions are as follows: 1. Why is this the case? 2. How did this... more
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Does the English language have an official Academy?

For some languages, there are academies that decide topics such as grammar and spelling of things, for example, for the Spanish language, there are 22 academies in 22 different countries, all... more

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