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Devlop a VB. Net program for booking a confrence room in a company

Q. Developop a VB.Net program for booking a conference room in a company1. Generate the form to book the conference room with the necessary details 2. Generate the form that confirms the booking... more


URGENT! Can't show data using API with C# ASP.NET Core

I am using a Travel Advisory API but am unable to show all the data. Each country is a separate key and form different classes when I paste the JSON as classes.How can I call each country class... more


Microsoft Visual Studio - Unable to start program Win32 application - Error Message???

Hello,I cannot seem to check my html/css code in my web browser anymore. I keep getting the same error message even after I rebuild it in a new page. Do you have a tip on how to fix this?Error... more
Asp.net C# Api Typescript


TypeScript saving a file to a server

I am altering an existing API that uses TypeScript. I need to have the API save a file to an external server. Is there a way to do this without having a Save File window show up in TypeScript? ... more


Where to put the Angular app in a ASP.NET Web API solution?

I'm starting a greenfield app and I want to use ASP.NET (4.6) and Angular 2. For the backend I have created a project in Visual Studio, and now I'm wondering where to put the Angular app. I really... more


How do I extract data using APIs to load into SQL Server using ASP.NET?



How do I implement a multi-language site in .NET MVC?



How do I create an index on ASP.NET MVC using MongoDB?

Asp.net Logic C# Boolean


Check severeal boolean returns in same time?

I have several bool elements and I am checking it if returns me false. bool i = false; switch (idcount) { case 1: i = p1(); break; case 2: i = p1() & p2(); break; case 3: i = p1() &... more


How do I convert string data in JSON format in ASP.NET?



What is dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC?



What are the important topics in .NET to learn?



What is the need for property in C# .NET?

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