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help me with this problem please

The alphabet game costs $.25 to play. Before the game, 26 slips of paper with a different letter of the alphabet on it are put into a bag. A player draws one slip from the bag. If the player draws... more


Why was it necessary to divide alphabets into vowels and consonants?

This may be an extremely simple question. I know pretty much what do we do when we see any vowel but I am curious why were these two classes created in the first place.I beg pardon for another... more
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Why do we say “un seul M” and not “une seule M” even though M is a “consonne”?

When spelling names, for example “Bram”, to make clear that there's only one *M* at the end I hear French people say “Avec un seul *M* à la fin”. But “*M* est une consonne” therefore “un nom... more


Why are O and E sometimes attached together, as in “les œufs”?

I asked my French teacher last time, and she said she didn't know, but she will ask. Can anyone give clear and simple reason for this?


Pourquoi le "ph" se prononce-t-il "f" ?

C'est une particularité, en français et en anglais, qui n'existe pas, ou plus, en espagnol ni en italien.Elle m'est d'autant plus incompréhensible que les mots en "ph" sont dérivés du grec, où une... more


Origine des deux prononciations de la lettre X?

Je voudrais savoir pourquoi la lettre `X` peut être [prononcée de deux manières](http://bdl.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/bdl/gabarit_bdl.asp?id=2395) (plus quelques exceptions) : 1. [gz] comme examiner,... more
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why do all alphabets in the world begin with the letter A?

it is a language research question which i need it please answer ...

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