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Phonétique French Prononciation


Le son [æ] existe-t-il en français ?

Je croyais que non, jusqu'à ce que j'écoute des chansons de Yelle, où (il me semble) [æ] apparaît comme allophone de /a/ dans, par exemple, *chaque* ou *caches*. Ecoutez sur... more
Phonétique French Prononciation


Cliticization of “je” in spoken French: which syllable gets the /ʒ/ sound?

In spoken French, a phrase such as "quand je pense" is usually pronounced with two syllables. I am pretty sure that I have heard/kɑ̃ʒ.pɑ̃s/e.g. in the song "Overkampf (quand je pense à ma vie)" by... more


How to textually describe the pronunciation of spanish names with "oi"?

There are many names and family names in Spanish that contain the combination of vowels "oi" (Roilán, Moisés, Loinaz, etc.). When these names are pronounced in French, the original pronunciation is... more


Origine des deux prononciations de la lettre X?

Je voudrais savoir pourquoi la lettre `X` peut être [prononcée de deux manières](http://bdl.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/bdl/gabarit_bdl.asp?id=2395) (plus quelques exceptions) : 1. [gz] comme examiner,... more


Why is “c'est un” pronounced /sɛ tœ̃ /, but “c'est une” /sɛ tʃyn/?

I'm learning French, and from what I've heard, it seems that:* _c'est un_ is pronounced /sɛ tœ̃ /, but* _c'est une_ is pronounced /sɛ tʃyn/,with a /tʃ/ as in *cheese*. I heard this difference both... more

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