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Binomial and experimental probability

Reece and Kala are playing a game with a die. As Reece rolls the die, Kala notices that it seems to land on the number 6 a lot. She notes that for 5 out of 10 rolls of the die, the die comes up as... more
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Help me please!

If you expand the binomial expression (x + y)^9, there will be 10 terms. What is the coefficient of the third term?


How long did it take Alison to overtake Alex?

Exactly 20 minutes after Alex left home, his sister Alison set out to overtake him. Alex drove at 48 mph and Alison drove at 54 mph. How long did it take Alison to overtake Alex?
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solve the equation and express the answer in simplest radical form (show step by step ) please

3X2 _ 5X+2=0
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Combine and simplify:

2³√24 - 2³√81 
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the sum of radical-18 and radical-72 is?

√-18 + √-72  ?
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Can you explain how to do this?

A golf player is trying to make a hole-in-one on the miniature golf green shown. Imagine that a coordinate plane is place over the golf green. The golf ball is (2.5,2) and the hole is at (9.5,2).... more
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What is the domain of a function with interval notation using y=-2x^2 +8x +4

This problem was given to me and I need an explanation please
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From a balloon ....

From a balloon 734 feet high, the angle of depression to the ranger headquarters is 70°31'. How far is the headquarters from a point on the ground directly below the balloon(to the nearest foot)?
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Step By Step Help Please!!

Eduardo earns 15 dollars an hour roofing. If he needs 600 dollars per month to pay his monthly bills, how many hours does he need to work if he currently has 100 dollars?
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If matrix A has dimensions 2 X 3 and matrix B has dimensions 3 X 6, can the two matrixs be multiplied

If matrix A has dimensions 2 X 3 and matrix B has dimensions 3 X 6 can the two matrixs be multiplied?
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Write a system for this?

I need some serious help! Without it, I cannot become a pokemon master!
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simplify log(x^2)-log(x)

I am doing equivalent logarithms and would like to know how to simplify the following log(x^2)-log(x)
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graph each transaction f(x)=|x=2|



A rental car agency charges a flat fee of $38.00 plus $2.75 per day to rent a certain car. Another agency

charges a fee of $31.75 plus $4.00 per day to rent the same car. Use a graphing calculator, find the number of days for which the costs are the same. Round your answer to the nearest whole... more
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|x – 3| < 5

algebra 2 solve absolute value inequality and graph the solution

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