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How would I work out the answer to this algebraic equation?


step by step how to would be nice

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First, you want to get all the variables you are trying to solve for on one side
 so subtract 4x from both side


-4x      -4x

That leaves you with

4x+6=26 (because 4x-4x=0 so that term is eliminated)

Next, subtract six from both sides


    -6   -6

That leaves 4X=20 (again, 6-6=0 so that term is eliminated)

Now divide the whole thing by 4 and get X=5

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8x + 6 = 4x + 26

Remember that you are solving for x

Therefore, place all the figures with x on one side and those without x

on the other side.

During the reshuffling, the signs are bound to change.

For instance, bringing 4x to the place of 8x changes the sign to -4x.

Likewise, transferring 6 to the position of 26 changes the sign to -6.

New equation: 8x - 4x = 26 - 6

                      4x = 20

                      x = 20/4

                      x = 5