Man T.

asked • 03/25/15

Chemistry help?? Please show work so i will be able to do it on my own!

If I have 45.0 grams of carbon in one pile and 60.0 grams of carbon in the other, which sample of carbon has more entropy?
If a reaction is endothermic and has a positive ΔS, what should you do to the temperature in order to make sure the reaction will run?
Use bond energies to determine the ΔH for the combustion of methane (CH4). 
Use Hess’s Law to determine the ΔH for the combustion of liquid methanol (CH3OH). 
Using your answer from the previous question, how much energy will you get from burning 230.0 g of methanol in excess oxygen. (Hint: you must write a balanced reaction.)
Which method of finding ΔH is more accurate and why?

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Stanton D. answered • 03/31/15

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