Aidja K.

asked • 08/17/22

Physics scientific notation

If the volume of an olympic swimming pool is 2,500 m3 and the volume of a ping pong ball is 3.351×10-5 m3, how many ping pong balls would it take to fill the pool?

You go on Amazon and find a pack of 60 ping pong balls for $13. How much money will you need to save up to fill the swimming pool with ping pong balls?

Marcos O.

You have to remember that if you fill the pool with spheres, there is empty space between them and that is filling the pool also. So, the volume of the ping pong balls as they are in the pool must account for this volume. Consider calculating the volume of 3 ping pong balls closely packaged together and use the volume of the tetrahedron within their centers as the unit.


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