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whats the color of the sky?

My friend and i were making a bet to see what is the color of the sky, his parents said they don't know. Neither do mine, so we are trying know,whats the color of the sky

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Grigori S. | Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.

The solar radiation in the earth atmosphere underrgoes Rayleigh Scattering (except for absorption and directly reaching the ground (if clouds are not taken into account) according to which the coefficient of scattering (the portion of the radiation scattered) is inversely proportional to fourth degree of the radiation wavelength. This means that the blue part of the electromagnetic spectrum of the solar radiation will be scattered more effectively because of its shorter wavelerngth than any other part of the visible part of the spectrum (ultravoilet radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer in the stratosphere). That is why the sky looks blue.

This is during the daytime, when sun rays travel a short dsitance in the atmosphere. When the sun approches the horizon sun rays travel much longer distance and absorption of the radiation makes red part  of the spectrum visible better. That is why the sun looks red or orange before it sets down.

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Look up "Rayleigh Scattering" on the internet if you'd like to learn more about this!

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The sky appears to be blue as perceived by the human eye. This is because the light from the sky is a result of the sunlight scattering.The sky can change lots of colors depending of the time of the day and the weather conditions.