Purvi S.

asked • 07/04/21

how do you write an equation with just a graph?

so how do we form an equation when the coordinates are given? pls help fast and put the procedure as well. along with an explanation too. thank you and pls hurry

Plot the following points on a graph paper:

x 1 2 3 4 5

y =5 8 11 14 17

try to guess what is the equation that passes through these points by joining these points

Brenda D.

First you can plot them see what kind of line or curve you get. Second you could see if there is a relationship between the x and y values given. Thirdly since you have several coordinates you can apply what you know about linear equations. For example see if a slope can be calculated; if so you can determine your line in Slope Intercept Form using a set of your coordinates to solve for b. Then just plot your line at Desmos.com to check the for all the points listed above.


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