Raine S.

asked • 05/16/21

Waves Physics one

A wire with a mass of 40.0 g is stretched so that its ends are tied down at points 80.0 cm apart. The wire vibrates in its fundamental mode with a frequency of 60 Hz and with an amplitude at the antinodes of 0.300 cm.

What is the speed of propagation (in m/s )of transverse waves in the wire?

I got this part right the answer is 96

Compute the tension force (in N) in the wire.

I also got this part right, 460.8N

What I need help with is the last two parts, I am not sure how to solve them and I would appreciate any help with setting up the problems/ what equations/formulas to use.

What is the maximum transverse velocity (in m/s) of the particle in the wire? 

What is the maximum transverse acceleration (in m/s2) of the particle in the wire? 

Thank you in advance!

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Daniel B. answered • 05/17/21

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