Dawson H.

asked • 03/02/21

When 20.1 mL of 0.500 M H2SO4 is added to 20.1 mL of 1.00 M KOH in a coffee-cup calorimeter at 23.50°C, the temperature rises to 30.17°C. Calculate ΔH of this reaction. (Assume...

that the total volume is the sum of the individual volumes and that the density and specific heat capacity of the solution are the same as for pure water.) (d for water = 1.00 g/mL; c for water = 4.184 J/g·°C.) Do not answer in scientific notation.

I got -112 kJ /mol H2O which was wrong.

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Anthony T. answered • 03/02/21

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Patient Math & Science Tutor

Anthony T.

I made a typo, G=H2O should be just H2O.


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