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C++ programming question for Deck of cards



Deck of card contains 52 cards in total and catogrised in 4 different categories named as Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club. Each category contains 13 cards. Each category having cards denomination [2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J(Jack), Q(Queen), K(King), A(Ace)].

Suppose 4 cards are missing (we are unknown about missing cards) and remaining 48 mixed cards are distributed arbitrarily/randomly to 4 different players. Write down a C++ program to demonstrate the above-mentioned problem by adding three functions other than main() function:

A)     First one is Sort() function which pack all these cards into one packet by arranging them in a sequence of all Spade card comes 1st in asending order, then all Club cards, then all Heart cards and at the end all Diamond cards. 

B)     Second one is displayCards() function which displays all sorted cards achieved in Part-A in the following format:

The Pack Cards are:

Card1:  Spade      2

Card2:  Spade      3



Card48: Diamond  A

C)     Third one is findMissing() function which displays the category and number of missing cards in the following format e.g.:

The Missing Cards of 20-Arid-yourNo:

Card1: Spade      4

Card2: Heart        J

Card3: Club         10

Card4: Diamond  3


Note: You have to add the screen shot of your output of missing cards.

D)     Fourth one is findMissingFromFile() function which reads all 48 sorted cards data from file "your_Arid_No.txt" (assume file is already available with all the sorted data e.g. Spade 2) and find & write missing cards into another file "missingCards.txt" in the following format:

Card1    Spade      4

Card2    Heart        J

Card3    Club          10

Card4    Diamond  3

//Here is the main function for your help

int main()


               Card Player1[12]={{D,4},{H,2},{S,A},.............};

//Incomplete values just to give idea, remaining you have to fill by yourself.

//{D,4} here D is for Diamond type and 4 is the card number in diamond category.

               Card Player2[12]={};

Card Player3[12]={};

Card Player4[12]={};

Card Pack[48];

//Call of sort() Function, which sort all 4 player's cards in Pack array. You can assign 'N' as a null in a player array for the card number, if you picked that card and placed in Pack array.

//Call of display() function, which displays all sorted cards placed in Pack array

//Call of findMissing() function

//Call of findMissingFromFile() function

return 0;


Patrick B.

Source code uploaded to RESROUCES section under this link..


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