Jason R.

asked • 02/25/15

Solving a function

Let y= (√x)x
(a) Explain (in words) why the power rule cannot be applied the way the function
is written.
(b)Explain (in words) why the exponential derivative rule (i.e. d/dx (ax) = aln(a)) cannot be applied the way the function is written.
(c)Explain (in words) how we have to solve this problem? Your answer should state why your method will work.
(d) Find y'

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Dal J. answered • 02/26/15

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Michael J. answered • 02/26/15

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Dal J.

Michael - take a look at my answer and see if you agree with the approach.  I've left the actual solution for the student.


Michael J.

When you stated that   x = elog(x) , replace log with ln.  Instead, it should read as this:
x = eln(x)
Suppose x = 5.    If you enter  eln(5)  in the calculator, it will spit back out your input, which is 5.  This is because e and ln cancel each other out.


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