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What rule did albert use

What is albert rule  
Rule Descartes


Descartes rule of signs

By Descarte's rule of signs  P(x)=x3-2x2-3x-3 has how many positive real zeros ? has how many negative real zeros (enter the smaller number first)

POM TRI Triangles & Sequence RULE Question. Please help

Jo constructs triangular patterns using dots. Pattern 1 (has 3 dots forming a triangle) Pattern 2 (has 6 dots forming a larger triangle) Pattern 3 (has 10 dots forming an even larger triangle) The... more

What is the rule for the sequence/pattern (X) that produces the following numbers (Y): (1,3), (2,9), (3,30), (4,108), (5,408), etc.....?

In other words:    Pattern 1= 3 line segments (1 triangle) Pattern 2= 9 line segments (4 triangles) Pattern 3= 30 line segments (16 triangles) etc.......

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