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AP Government Question! Please Help!

America's understanding of democracy is one thing. Americans' understandings of democracy are another thing entirely. For while we like to think about democracy as a value on which all Americans, regardless of political persuasion, agree, politics today is divided not just along ideological lines, but also in terms of visions of democracy. In Democracy at Crossroads: How the One Percent is Silencing our Voices, a report released by the Democracy Initiative Education Fund, voting expert Tova Wang explains how some of the efforts across the states to limit the right to organize and the right to vote while at the same time letting money continue to dominate state politics are not isolated incidents. They are part of a concerted effort and strategic agenda to challenge the idea of democracy in America. For Wang, "carefully targeted voter photo ID laws that disproportionately affect working Americans, communities of color, and young people," as well as the elimination of "restrictions on special interest campaign spending, and reduced disclosure of sources," and laws passed by state legislatures that compromise workers' ability to organize and to bargain collectively, are just a few examples of these collective efforts to undermine democratic progress.

—From Chayenne Polimédio, New America

  1. Describe the core value discussed in the excerpt.
  2. In the context of the excerpt, explain how the core value in part A is affected by the actions of special interest groups.
  3. In the context of the scenario, explain an action Congress could take to limit the impact of special interest groups as explained in part B.

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