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Ava R.

asked • 09/02/20

Ecology Review Sheet

Part IV:

Use the word bank below to fill-in the blanks from the passage. One word used more than once.

Word Bank: Carbon  Runoff  Nitrogen  Global Warming  Oceans  Decomposers  Photosynthesis  Nitrification  Hydrosphere  Reservoirs  Greenhouse Effect  Bacteria  Ammonia  Nitrogen  Air  Soil  Days  Respiration  Years  Burn fossil fuels

The Nitrogen, Carbon, and Water Cycles

All living things use_____ to survive. ______________ gas travels from the ______ to the _________. _________________ turn nitrogen gas into _________________. _________________ is the process that transforms nitrites into nitrates (nitrites = 2 oxygen atoms & nitrates = 3 oxygen atoms). Special bacteria called ______________________ release nitrogen back into the nitrogen cycle and transform nitrates into nitrogen. ____________________is an element found in every living thing on earth. When animals and humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide it’s called _______________. ______________________ is when plants use energy from the sun to turn water and carbon dioxide into food. When we ________  ___________  ____________ the carbon inside is released into the atmosphere. The excess carbon that is released into the atmosphere adds to the ___________________  _________________ and ______________ _____________. The sum of all water on Earth and in its atmosphere is called the _____________________. Oceans, the atmosphere, and groundwater are all ___________________ in the water cycle. ________________ occurs when rainwater contributes to the flow of rivers and streams. This reservoir in the water cycle contains the most water: _______________. Molecules of groundwater can stay in the ground anywhere from ______ to ______________. 

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