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Shanil P.

asked • 08/13/20

Student Exam result Analyzer

Student Exam result Analyzer

The manager of a high school has requested you as a professional programmer to design a computerized exam results analyzer which prints out whether student has passed or not based the following criteria:

“Percentage marks attained by a student in three exams are to be entered to a computer. An indication of Pass or Fail is given out after the three marks are entered. The criteria for passing are as follows: A student passes if all three exams are passed. Additionally, a student may pass if only one subject is failed, and the overall average is greater than or equal to 50. The minimum pass mark for an individual subject is 40. Each exam is worth 100%”

In addition to this, once a student’s marks for three exams are entered and analyzed by giving a pass or fail status, the program should then ask the user if he/she wishes to process another student result. If ‘y’ then exam marks for the new student should be entered and analyzed in the same way. This should continue until the user has finished off analyzing all students which he would indicate by entering an ‘n’.

Note: Your program also must validate the percentage scores user enters to be within the range 0 – 100%. Any value outside of this range is considered illegal.

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