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Bobby M.

asked • 06/20/20

Deceptively used correctly or wrong

Please Help. My girlfriend is mad at me.

The other day I went outside to take out the trash and although it was sunny outside a cool breeze blew through the air and made me chilly. Although it looked to be warm, in reality it was cold outside.

When I arrived back in the apartment she asked me how the weather was and I said it was deceptively cold outside. This cascaded into an argument about whether it was warm or cold outside and whether I had used the word deceptively in a correct fashion.

In the past I have heard deceptively strong. For instance the mother was deceptively strong - or she looked weak but was in reality very strong. Alternatively the bodybuilder was deceptively weak - or he looked to be strong but in reality could not lift a lot of weight. Deceptively hot coffee- a coffee that did not appear to be hot but in reality could be scalding.

The thought behind this was that the weather, the woman, the bodybuilder, or the coffee was being deceptive.

She argues that deceptively cold outside implies that in actuality it is warm outside because the coldness is being deceptive. She argues a deceptively rich man is someone who is poor (or modest in wealth) but pretends to be rich where as I read that as someone who is rich but pretends to be poor (or modest at a minimum).

She is ESL and has asked her ESL friends and they tend to say that I am incorrect, but have seen other examples where I am correct online.

Please Help

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