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Momentum and impulse problems

1.A 6,900 kg freight truck accelerates from 5 m/s to 48 m/s in 12 s by applying a constant force. What change in momentum occurs?

2.A 6,900 kg freight truck accelerates from 10 m/s to 41 m/s in 5.7 s by applying a constant force. How much force was applied to the truck?

3.A metal sphere with a mass of 0.044 kg rolls along a friction-less surface at 2.8 m/s and strikes a stationary sphere having a mass of 0.039 kg. The first sphere stops completely.  The spheres are in contact for 0.006 s before the second sphere is shot off down the track. What is the force applied to the second ball?


An 4.1 kg bowling ball rolls with a velocity of 1.9 m/s and strikes a stationary 1.8 kg bowling ball. The first ball stops after the collision. How fast does the second bowling ball roll away after the collision?

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Timothy D.

In my video, it seems audio was cut out until half-way. Conservation of energy is really E_i = E_f and cons. of momentum is P_i = P_f, where energy is not lost in the entire system. That's what I get getting at around the 6:00 mark.


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