Yogita S.

asked • 11/16/19

Help! I need the solution here.

Consider the forces on the when standing on one leg, partially supported by a cane. (a) Referring to the left figure below, find the distance L by which the full weight of the body is offset from the leg, assuming the cane supports 1/6th of the weight. (b) Under these conditions, the free body diagram of the leg is given by the right figure. Calculate the force of the hip abductor muscles (M) and the reaction force at the head of the femur (R). Assume that Rx points right at the point where the hip abductor muscle couples to the hip. Assume also that M makes a 70 degree angle with the horizontal. The use of a cane, supporting just 1/6th of the body weight can greatly reduce the strain on the hip muscles and excessive force on the head of the femur. Contrast your answers with the results of standing on one leg (not advised) : R = 2.4 * Weight and M = 1.58 * Weight.

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Rajai A. answered • 11/17/19

physics teacher and tutor

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