Bob M.

asked • 10/24/19

Projectile Motion

1) A rifle is shot horizontally at a speed of 200m/s above flat ground. Compared to a bullet that is dropped at the same instant, the bullet that is shot will:

a) take a longer time to reach the ground

b) take a shorter time to reach the ground

c) take the same amount of time to reach the ground

d) is it impossible to tell

2) A man is riding in the back of a truck (facing forward) that is driving forward at a constant velocity of 30 mph. If he throws a ball straight upward so that it reachers a maximum height of 40 ft above the road surface, the ball will land:

a) in front of the man

b) behind the man

c) in his arms

d) impossible to tell

1 Expert Answer


Arman G. answered • 10/24/19

Aerospace Engineer

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