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Hans Louis E.

asked • 10/22/19

Creating An Air Pollution Index Reader in Ruby (Straight Forward Question)

I got stuck halfway with this question, im unable to post the image because im required to get 10 reputation points here lol. So i literally recreated the whole question here. There were no files given to me, just the instructions for this question. Literally nothing else

**Range** then followed by **Category** :

#301-500 Hazardous

#201-300 Very Unhealthy

#151-200 Unhealthy

#101-150 Unhealthy for some

#51-100 Moderate

#0-50 Good

# Develop a ruby program according to the comments given below:

require ‘./input_functions’

# Write a function will prompt user to input the daily AQI reading for one week (7 days),

# it will display the category of each AQI input by user. This function will also find the

# highest AQI of the week and return it to the function caller

def read_aqi

# use a loop to get input for daily AQI reading

# call category() function and display the corresponding category

# find the highest AQI reading among the daily AQI reading


# Write a function that receives AQI reading as parameter. This function will determine the

# category (eg: Good, Moderate etc) of the air quality according to the value received by

# the parameter. The identified category (eg: Good, Moderate etc) is then assigned into a

# variable, and the value of this variable will be returned to the function caller.

def category ( )


def main

# declare needed variables or constants

# call read_aqi() function

puts “Highest AQI reading recorded for this week is “ +

puts “Highest AQI reading recorded for this week is at the level of ” + #call category()



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