Asked • 10/18/19

Why is it important to write in the accent marks on specific Spanish words?

Many students don't bother putting in accent marks. English doesn't have them, so why are they needed in Spanish?

Can you give two or three important reasons for the use of accent marks in Spanish?

(Be specific about ONE syllable words that have accent marks.)

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Thomas B. answered • 10/18/19

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Laraine S.

This is absolutely a very good use of accent marks. Accents, however, are used in many words that are not used with pronouns.


Laraine S.

One syllable words that are spelled the same but have different meanings, use accent marks to indicate the difference: "si" and "si" (with an accent) = "if" and "yes" "tu" and "tu" (with an accent) = "your" and "you" Some words get accent marks to maintain the original syllable that is stressed in another form: like the singular word "joven" - young (when spoken, the stress is on the "o") when that word is made plural , "jovenes" (there is an accent put on the "o" to keep the stress in its original place. )


Jonah S. answered • 10/20/19

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Felicia M. answered • 10/20/19

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Laraine S. answered • 10/18/19

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