Ashley P.

asked • 10/03/19

Java Programming

Hi, I'm new to Java. I've been working on this question, wrote the code and checked the results with some examples and it seems to be doing fine. I would be glad if any of the tutors can check the code for me.

Also, please do let me know if there's a more efficient way for writing the code.

Many thanks!

Question :

Write a Java program that replies either Leap Year or Not a Leap Year, when a year is given as keyboard input.

(i) A Year is a Leap Year if the year can be divided by 4 but not by 100

(eg: 1976).

(ii) A year that can be divided by both 4 and 100 is Leap Year if it can also

be divided by 400.

My code :

package exams;

import java.util.*;

public class Exams {

public static void main(String[] args) {

Scanner input = new Scanner(;

int p, q, r, s;

System.out.print("Enter Year");

p = input.nextInt();




System.out.println("Leap Year");



else if(p%100!=0){

System.out.println("Not a Leap Year");





1 Expert Answer


Suzanne O. answered • 10/03/19

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Ashley P.

Thanks a lot for your response. The explanation was very clear and I was able to correct the errors in my code


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