Luke E.

asked • 09/01/19

Directional nuclear reaction

Is there a strong enough substance that could overcome the heat and pressure of a nuclear blast, while also directing that blast? Lets say with a concave structure attached to pod?

I want to know, firstly if this is possible and there is a substance that can withstand the heat and pressures a nuclear device admits, or if not and that substance does not exists, what substance would we need to invent and what properties would that substance have?

Keep in mind that this would need to work in the vacuum of space.

Lastly, the pod can be any shape and mass.

Luke E.

Perhaps an aerogel/nanotube structure made from tungsten..? No idea if that is even possible... This question is based on wondering if nuclear energy could be harnessed for use as a propellant in space travel for either a manned or unmanned craft.


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Stanton D. answered • 09/02/19

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