Asked • 07/07/19

What is the metrical style of Hungarian poetry?

While [reading about]( Hungarian poetry, I [came across]( the claim that: > pure syllabic/quantitative metre is very rare = Hungarian, Greco-Roman ‘időmértékes’ metre I don't know what "pure syllabic/quantitative metre" means - I found [a good source]( about it, but far too technical for me to understand - but it sounds like Hungarian poetry has something in common with ancient Greco-Roman poetry and not many other languages/styles, which is interesting. I also tried looking up "időmértékes", but only found [some pages in Hungarian](, which don't tell me much since machine translation seems very bad at Hungarian-to-English. **What is the standard meter (if any) of Hungarian poetry? Is there a special metrical style in this language?**

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Gabriella V. answered • 11/15/19

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