Asked • 06/25/19

Could the War of the Worlds be considered a proto Cosmic Horror story?

After reading the War of the Worlds, I have noticed that H.G. Wells has presented several themes that would not be alien to something that Lovecraft would compose. There's a deep anti-anthropocentric feeling in that the Martians came down to southern Great Britain and completely demolished civilization within a short time. The Martians themselves could also be considered truly extraterrestrial in that their biology is unlike anything on Earth and their motivations for the invasion is only hinted at being an attempt in colonization. While I am aware that the book was Wells criticizing Great Britain for taking land from native societies on other continents, I can't help but think that the War of the Worlds may have been a potential inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft in that this book and his short stories later on share many themes in mankind being incredibly insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe.

Vincent G.

Complete and utter nonsense too compare H.G. wells to Lovecraft, who had practically no knowledge of science. The creations that sprung from Lovecraft were the direct result of his ignorance of science. It was horror for the sake of horror, not a commentary on society. War of the worlds is wholly a scientific exercise whereas Lovecraft was trying to depict he more frightening creatures.


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