Asked • 06/13/19

What's the meaning of the text in the scroll that the Prince of Arragon finds in the silver casket in Act 2, Scene 9 of The Merchant of Venice?

This is the exact text (*The Merchant of Venice*, Act 2 Scene 9): >Arragon: >The fire seven times tried this, >Seven times tried that judgment is, >That did never choose amiss. >Some there be that shadows kiss. >Such have but a shadow’s bliss. I have no problems in understanding the text before and after this but I can't seem to 'get' the meaning of this particular extract. I think that these lines roughly translate to : >The following has been tested seven times: >People who consider their judgement seven times >Are never wrong (?). >There are a few people who chase illusions(without digging deeper) and such people only have illusory bliss , ie, they think that they're happy when truly, they're not. I don't if that's correct. I have really incompetent teachers who correct everything I write so, I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me, where I'm going wrong. Plus, I would really like to know what the deal about the number 'seven' is.

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Heather W. answered • 06/21/19

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