Asked • 06/02/19

Why Can Varied Species Live Together in Particular Ecosystems?

Consider the following question: > The Piney Woods of Eastern Texas is home to a wide variety of organisms ranging from the grass Longleaf Oats to coyotes. Which of the following best explains why these varied specifies can live together in this particular ecosystem? A.) Each species lives in a slightly different habitat B.) Each spices occupies a different niche C.) Each species functions at a different trophic level D.) A and B E.) A, B, and C I chose answer choice E with the reasoning that: Oats and Coyotes do not share the same habitat; they occupy a different niche -- Coyotes eat organisms, oats use photosynthesis; coyotes are at a completely different trophic level when compared to oats -- oats being primary producers. The answer choice E however is incorrect and I'd like to know why and what the correct answer should be. Is there a flaw in my logic?

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