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Asked • 04/27/19

Languages with alphabets sharing the same basic shapes as Arabic?

I would like to know, besides Arabic itself, how many other separate languages (not including dialects) have alphabets sharing same basic shapes as Arabic? I would like to have a complete list of all such languages (as I can seem to choose some of these from my keyboard's language settings, but I guess the list I have must not be complete, but a linguist would know). I am curious as to how these would work: I guess all of them would have no short vowels transcribed (with only long vowels appearing), feature glottal stops, etc. So, they should sound write similar, despite being made up of different vocabulary? What about the grammar they share, would it be similar (eg. Verb-Subject-Object structures)?Do these languages in question have close to zero word overlap? Do they have any overlap at all with Arabic, and if so, what percentage would each of these have in common? If Arabic is the "Latin" of these separate languages (and this claim may also be false, sorry for my ignorance), then what percentage of words borrowed from Arabic (as "loan words"?), does each one of these have?I am interested in these "language demographics".Thank you for your help.\n**EDIT: I am asking how many contemporary languages use the Arabic-script (with any of a small number of variations) as an official (or pseudo-official) writing system, and what is the list. This should not be too hard to answer. Why the downvote?**\n

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Simon W. answered • 11/06/19

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