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What are the Latin words Truth / Knowledge/ Service which will appear on a college crest ?

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2 Answers

Veritas is the closest to 'truth' in the English sense -- it means truth, verity, also reality.
Scientia is 'knowledge' -- the state of knowing, as well as expertise in any area.
Officium or Opera are your best choices for 'service.' Officium is a civic service performed for the public good out of a sense of moral responsibility and obligation. Opera is hard work or application of any type.
You can cross-check entries on Lewis & Short or Latin Phi, or contact me if you want clarification.

veritas: sincerity, uprightness, honesty, truthfulness <br> perspicientia: Full of knowledge<br> cognoscenter: distinctly, with knowledge officium: duty, obligation, kindness, service, office <br> deservio: be of service/use to, serve, devote oneself to (interest/job) <br> beneficium: kindness, favor, benefit, service, help, privilege, right