asked • 03/30/18

Write the formula for the parabola that has x- intercepts (1.3,0) and (−1.3,0), and y- intercept (0,169)

So the equation starts like y=

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Roger N. answered • 03/30/18

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Roger N.

What if the vertex point is actually (0,169)y=
Using the intercept form y=a(x-p)(x-q) and the point vertex point (0,169)
y=a(x+1.3)(x-1.3), substituting ( 0,169) for x and y,  169=a(0+1.3)(0-1.3), 169=a(-1.69), a=169/-1.69=-100
rewriting y=-100(x+1.3)(x-1.3), Use difference of two squares y=-100(x2-1.32), y=-100(x2-1.69)
y=-100x2+169 is the equation of the parabola that opens down 


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