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Over period of 12 hours the temperature dropped 36°F. What was the average change in temperature in one hour?
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There are three numbers. The first number is twice the second number. The third number is twice the first number. The sum of the three numbers is 126.

=126    a. What is the first number? b. What is the second number? c. What is the third number?
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domain of 24/x^2-19x+88


Word problem need help

I need help the word problem starts like this Sarah wants to build a raised rectangular Garden on the side of her house she has a width of 5 feet she would like the raised garden to be 1 feet tall... more

Chemistry Question

Calculate the pH of a solution involving the addition of 35 mL of 0.1 M acetic acid, CH3COOH, to 350 mL of water. Ka for acetic acid is 1.8 x 10^(-5). Thank you!


Find the value of n.

a wholesaler sold n bars for (n+1) cents each. On the following day she doubled the price but sold 2 bars less. The amount of the money take on each day was the same. Find the value of n.
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tires sell for $250 each and rims sell for $300. Three times as many tires were sold than rims. Total sales were $4,200. How manyof each were sold? What werethe total sales in dollars for each?
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There is a sales tax of $16 on an item that costs $232 before tax. The sales tax on a second item is $22 . How much does the second item cost before tax?

 need to answer this question for math and I don't understand it please help me soon
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What should the body of a research paper draft contain?

?What should the body of a research paper draft contain?the thesis statement a description of each main ideaa summary of the key pointsa broad overview of the topic

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