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Prince A.

asked • 03/01/18

How do I convert all 6 theta into pi radian?

If I have all 6 theta ,how do I find <math>\pi</math>or how do I convert them into radian?are there any formulas?

For consecutive number or non consecutive numbers <math>\x<y<z</math>

<math>(((\frac{\sqrt\frac{y}{z}}{(1-\frac{x}{z})\times\sqrt\frac{x+z}{z-x}})\times\frac{x}{z})+\sqrt\frac{z-y}{z})\times((1-\frac{x}{z})\times\sqrt\frac{(x+z)}{(z-x)})=\sin A</math>

<math>(\frac{\sqrt\frac{y}{z}}{(1-\frac{x}{z})\times\sqrt\frac{x+z}{z-x}})-(((\frac{\sqrt\frac{y}{z}}{(1-\frac{x}{z})\times\sqrt\frac{x+z}{z-x}})\times\frac{x}{z})+\sqrt\frac{z-y}{z})\times(\frac{x}{z})=\cos A</math>

<math>\sqrt\frac{(z-y)}{z}=\cos B</math>

<math>\sqrt\frac{y}{z}=\sin B</math>

<math>\frac{x}{z}=\cos C</math>

<math>((1-\frac{x}{z})\times\sqrt\frac{(z+x)}{(z-x)})=\sin C</math>

The following variables a,b,c represent the length of the sides of the triangles. <math>\frac{\sin A}{\sin C}=a</math>

<math>\frac{\sin B}{\sin C}=b</math>

<math>\frac{\sin C}{\sin C}=c</math>




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