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the perimeter of a rectangle, What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

the perimeter of a rectangle is 74ft. the length of the rectangle is 7 ft more than the width. what are the dimensions of a rectangle?

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1 Answer

The perimeter of a rectangle is the sum of the side lengths, which is equal to 2 times the length plus 2 times the width.

Let the width be x.  Since the length is 7 feet more than the width, the length will be x+7.

Add up the four side lengths and you get (x) + (x) + (x+7) + (x+7) = 74.

Combine like terms: 4x + 14 = 74.

Subtract 14 from both sides: 4x + 14 - 14 = 74 - 14

4x = 60

Divide both sides by 4: 4x/4 = 60/4

So x = 15.  Since x was the width, the width is 15, and the length is x+7 or 22.