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question about naming a child

help please...I was named after my father but there's no jr or II attached to my name...John Smith that's I'm having a son that I would like to be named after me....Does that make him jr , II or III ?

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I am a junior.  The name on my birth certificate is just John Smith.
I add the junior on to the end to distinguish myself from my father.
But when my father passes as far as I know I will no longer be the junior.
I don't know what the real rules are - or if there even are any rules.
I do know on the birth certificate you can put whatever you want.
Just John Smith, John Smith Jr. the II, IV, XIIX, John Jacob Jingle Hymer Smith.
What ever you put is his name.  You can put III or just leave it off and put John Smith.
Then of course then you or he can call him what ever you want even if it is not what is on the birth certificate.
If you leave the III of the certificate he can still call himself III'rd or Jr if he wants.
Calling yourself something else is perfectly legal as long as it is not to defraud anyone.  No judge or legal paperwork is needed. (But paperwork does make it easier for some things.) In other words, aka's are legal.
btw - this is a homework and academic help site, not information please.
Google it if you want more.