Emiy F.

asked • 10/30/17

interest rate question

Suppose one bank account pays 7% annual interest compounded once per year, and a second bank account pays 7% annual interest compounded continuously. If both bank accounts start with the same initial amount, how long will it take for the second bank account to contain twice the amount of the first bank account?

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Andrew M. answered • 10/30/17

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Andrew M.

Sorry, didn't mean to hit "answer"... lol
Annual:  A = p(1.07)t     Continuous:  A = pe.07t
pe.07t = 2p(1.07)t
e.07t = 2(1.07)t
ln e.07t = ln[2(1.07)t]
.07t = ln 2 + ln 1.07t
.07t = ln 2 + 7 ln 1.07
t = [ln 2 + 7 ln 1.07]/.07
t = 16.667 years ...
approximately 16 2/3 years or 16 years 8 months


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