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3y+6x=24 for y

Solving for y

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2 Answers

April did u switch your answer? The first time I saw y=8 that's why I corrected it.


No Lisa. I didn't change it.

I answered this question on the 24th of January and I haven't looked at it since. 

Basically, you would want to get the "y" term by itself. Below is the step-by-step solution to this process.

Original equation:     3y + 6x = 24

Subtract 6x from both sides to get "3y" by itself:     3y + 6x = 24

                                                                               - 6x   - 6x

New equation:                                                      3y = - 6x + 24

To get "y" by itself, divide each term by 3:               3y = -6x + 24

                                                                            3        3      3

New equation:                                                       y = -2x + 8  <--- THIS IS THE ANSWER   

Hope this helps :)


The answer is y=-2x+8 not y=8. you cannot get rid of x.

Yeah...I don't know where you saw the y=8.