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What are 2 similarities that identity function and absolute function have?

This is just a simple question that I can't figure out. Help me please!

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Hi Yenna,
I'll denote the two functions as fi for identity, and fa for absolute value. The identity function is fi(x) = x. The absolute value function is fa(x) = |x|.
1) For x<0, fi(x) = x; for example fi(-2) = -2. However, fa(x) = -x; for example fa(-2) = |-2| = 2. We see that fi has a slope of +1, and fa has a slope of -1. Therefore, the similarity is that the magnitude (that is, absolute value) of the slopes is the same.
2) For x ≥ 0, ...
Yenna, I'll let you finish the second similarity. Good luck !