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please show me the step to check this equation

find the perimeter and area of a parallegram the height is 6in and the area is 14inches
p= 6(2) +14(2)
p= 12+28
A= 6 (14)
A= 84 square inches or 7 square feet


Also, 144 square inches = 1 square foot.
Can you verify the statement of the question?  You are being asked to find the area and perimeter, but you also said the area is 14 inches.
Is 14 inches the length of the base?

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James F. | Statistics Graduate Student and TutorStatistics Graduate Student and Tutor
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Muhammad is correct.  To get the perimeter, we need all 4 sides, or at least the angles of the parallelogram. As for the area:
You are correct in square inches (6*14 = 84 square inches), but you did not convert it to square feet correctly.
84 square inches = 84/144 square feet


Since there are 12 inches in 1 foot, there are 12^2 = 144 inches^2 in 1 foot^2.
Muhammad C. | Muhammad the grand math tutorMuhammad the grand math tutor
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The perimeter cannot be determined since the measure of every side of the parallelogram isn't given.