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33×8 in distributive property

Use the distributive propertyof multiplication to solve this problem. 33×8=

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When we have to distribute through multiplication, its usually means that we have two terms in a parentheses that are being multiplied by another number that's on the outside i.e. 8(3-10) = 8*3-10*8.

In this case we only have one number being multiplied by 8 which is 33. But really what is 33? It's 30+3. There are the two numbers we've been looking for! So now we can rewrite our problem as:

(30+3)*8 Remember to put the parentheses around 30+3 because if we don't, the 8 will only multiply the 3 and not the 30. Now we can distribute the 8 in:

30*8+3*8 and we solve as we would any other operations problem using order of operations:

30*8+3*8 = 240+24 = 264. Answer.