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i need help for a distributive property home work,can some one help me?

i do not know some of the strategies of my home work. I don't know all of the distributive propertyequations. Can some one help?

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The distributive property basically means that you are going to multiply everything on the outside of the parenthesis bit everything on the inside of the parenthesis.

For example:  in 2(4+x), you need to multiply 2 by 4 and 2 by x to get 8+2x

This is true also for variables:  in x(3-2x), you need to multiply x by 3 and x by 2x to get 3x-2x^2

And for other equations:  in (2+x)(3+x), you need to use FOIL (Front, Outside, Inside, Last).  Multiply the following -->Front: 2*3, Outside: 2*x, Inside:  x*3, and Last:  x*x, combine like terms, and you end up with x^2+5x+6

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As Nicole stated, you take the coeffecient term and multiply it by each term in your equation.

For example: 6(5+x)
You take the 6 (coefficient) and multiply it by the 5 and the x... so you should get 30+x

You can also use the distributive property with a variable, 3x(2-x)
Again, all you have to do is multiply the outside term by every term inside the parenthesis; you should come up with 6x-3x^2 (the ^2 represents "squared" or an exponent of 2).

I hope that helps!

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I will give you a couple of examples, hope that will help

2(3+x) = 2x + 6

x(4x - 6) = 4x^2 - 6x

What ever # is in front of the ( ) you need to multipy it through to everything inside of the ( )