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picture has length 50 and width 40 area 1344 how far is it from the edge of the picture to the edge of the frame if this distance is uniform around the picture?

Algebra 1 
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2 Answers

We can solve this equation: (50-X)*(40-X)=1344 This x is twice the distance asked in the problem: so the equation to be solved is: 2000 - 50X - 40X +X^2 = 1344 => X2-90X + 656 = 0, solving this quadratic equation we have: X1=8 Units so the distance will be 4 units the other x will not work because is too big.
Check 42*32 = 1344
the frame is 50x40
the area of the picture is 1344 sq units
let x=distance around the picture from picture to edge of frame
length and width of the picture is (50-2x) and (40-2x)
divide by 4
164=2x2x41 and 41+4=45
x=4 units is the distance from picture to edge of frame