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There are several techniques that you can employ in order to create a satirical piece. The most common one is irony, which is the use of words with double meaning or the meaning of words is opposite of the literal or expected meaning. Some people make use of caricature, which is the exaggeration for comic or satiric effect of the subject to achieve a ridiculous or grotesque effect. There is also the use of burlesque, which refers to making a discrepancy between the words and situation or character to make the subject appear silly, such as in the case of a fool speaking like a king. There is also the technique of reduction, which is the devaluation or degradation of a victim through belittling him by change in size, change in clothes, or destruction of a symbol. Author Jonathan Swift is fond of using the technique of "reductio ad absurdum," in which the author agrees with the basic assumptions that he wants to satirize by pushing them to a logically ridiculous extreme. This exposes the foolishness of the original assumption.