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A cost-benefit function C computes the cost, in millions of dollars, of implementing a city recycling project where x percent of the citizens participate, where. C(x)=x/100-x
a) Graph C using the window settings of [0,100,10] by [0,10,1]. Interpret the graph as x approaches 100.
b) If 75 percent participation is expected, determine the cost for the city recycling project. 
c) The city plans to spend $5 million on this project. Estimate the percentage of participation that can be expected. 

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If I read this correctly part a is asking you to graph x in increments of 1 from 0 to 10 within the output range of 0 to 100 with increments of 10. So plug in 0....10 and graph accordingly with the corresponding costs.
For part b, plug in .75 for x.
For part c set the function to 5 and solve for x. I am guessing x=100/6 but you will have to solve the equation to be sure.
Hope that helps!